Tuesday 29 October 2019

I've recently returned from Alberta, Canada-more photrgraphs on my Flickr site.

At home Red-line Quaker has been the only new moth species for the year, although a 2nd Merveille du Jour of the Autumn was nice to see.

Big Horn Sheep-Kananaskis, Alberta.

 Red-line Quaker

Great Grey Owl, Alberta, Canada.

Thursday 10 October 2019

In spite of some cold nights and rain, some interesting Autumn species have continued to turn up in the moth trap: Merveille Du Jour, Beaded Chestnut and another Deep-brown Dart.

Merveille Du Jour

 Beaded Chestnut

 Deep-brown Dart

Sunday 6 October 2019

Since my last posting we've had some cold nights and some very wet ones, but despite that I've had 3 good moth species in the last week. Last weekend there was the migrant: Scarce Bordered Straw, and yesterday my 2nd record of Deep-brown Dart (the last was 3 years ago), but best of all this morning was my first ever Pale-lemon Sallow, a nationally scarce species. A Grey Phalarope spent a few days the previous week at Birchington. (Photo on my Flickr site). 

Pale-lemon Sallow

Deep-brown Dart
 Scarce Bordered Straw