Thursday 31 January 2013

No moths to report, but I have put the trap out tonight. This afternoon I paid a visit to my local (Bossenden) wood for a bit of photography. It seemed that only 5 species were attracted to the baited  tree: Blue Tit, Great Tit, Coal Tit, Marsh Tit & Nuthatch. I took a lot of pictures but very few were any good at all. 


 Marsh Tit

Saturday 26 January 2013

I haven't ventured out much lately. Just over a week ago I did visit Bossenden Wood at Dunkirk just before the snow started and did manage to find a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker quite close to the road. There was also a Nuthatch and a few other common species. This afternoon I did finally get down to Denge Wood where there were 5-7 Hawfinches (5 in a tree together at one point) around 14.00 to 15.10. Also there were a few Siskins and a Mistle Trush. No moths to report.


Sunday 13 January 2013

As it was Winter Moth Survey night on Friday I put the trap out but with no expectations of catching anything. However, despite an overnight low of zero centigrade, there was 1 Chestnut in the trap this morning, the first moth of 2013. Here's picture of the last one of 2012.

The Chestnut

Friday 11 January 2013

Still waiting for the 1st Moth of the year. However, made a trip to Dunge today. Highlights were large numbers of Razorbills offshore, Red-throated Divers, Black Redstart, 3 Firecrests, Chiffchaff, 4 Great White Egrets, Glaucous Gull by the fishing boats and later on the reserve and 5 Smew (1 drake). I made an attempt to photograph a Firecrest. The image below is about the best I could do.


Wednesday 2 January 2013

Well it's a new year so time to summarise 2012 Moth Trap records. I recorded a total of 257 species in the garden which was 26 less than in 2011. However, there were 97 micros which was 1 more than in 2011 and 160 macros, 27 less than the previous year. There were 5 new macros and 17 new micros for the garden list. The new macros were: The Festoon, Hoary Footman, Birdwing, Dingy Shears & Red Underwing. However, I was also particularly pleased with my 2nd record of Ruddy Carpet, which, unlike the 1st one, I managed to photograph. This winter the main ornithological event has been the arrival of large numbers if Waxwings all over the UK. Here's a picture from the Whitstable Tesco yesterday.


 Ruddy Carpet