Sunday 17 November 2013

Nothing to report from the trap and not many birds either. I did check out the Purple Sandpipers opposite the Hotel Imperial at Hythe this morning in rain and very poor light. I noted 4 birds but despite  the isolated location they were still quite difficult to see and there be have another 1 or 2 there amongst the rocks.

 Purple Sandpipers

Saturday 9 November 2013

This morning despite a low of 4c last night I had 3 moths: November Moth, Angle Shades and new for the year Feathered Thorn, a species I don't record every year. Earlier in the week there was a 2nd Dark Sword-grass, Turnip, LBAM and a couple more November Moths.

Feathered Thorn

Sunday 3 November 2013

Yesterday morning was quite good for me for this time of year with 7 moths: 3 LBAMs, 2 Silver Y, November Moth and new for the year Dark Sword-grass. This morning I finally got over to Hemsted Forest where I had an excellent view of 1 Parrot Crossbill, about 15 Common Crossbills, a Mealy Redpoll and a Peregrine.

Dark Sword-grass

 Common and Parrot Crossbills