Saturday, 3 August 2013

Yesterday morning I had 177 moths of 62 species-probably my best ever night. It had been a very warm night with a low of 16c. I was happy to get my 2nd record of Pebble Prominent and 3rd record of the very camera shy Stathmopoda pedella. However there were also 2 new species: a tortrix, Gyspsonoma dealbana and a pyralid Pempelia obductella which is apparently a pRDB2 species that is largely restricted to Kent. Apparently they wander on warm nights which of course Thursday night was. Also new for the year were: Burnished Brass, & Cydia splendana. This morning was a different story. A thunderstorm at 2 am had blown the vanes from the top of the trap, leaving just 30 moths of 21 species. Yesterday went to Dunge where we were lucky to see a flock of 10 Curlew Sands which landed briefly on the ARC where there was a Black-necked Grebe and a Wood Sandpiper. Not a lot else but I did manage to find a Brown Hawker perched which is very unusual and enabled me to get my first decent picture of this species.

Pempelia obductella

Pebble Prominent

 Brown Hawker

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  1. Clearly missed you AND the Curlew sands at Dunge on Friday. Did get the BNG summer plummage tho and another on Borrowes late afternoon. Little Gull at the fishing boats.!