Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Last Saturday I visited Luddenham to try out a pheromone lure for Hornet Moths. This was highly successful with 4 being quickly attracted to the lure and after a bit of wait one settled nearby for a photograph. The moth trap has been active this week with the warmer weather. Stag Beetles are being seen in the garden daily. This morning I had my 3rd ever record of a Marbled White Spot, and 2 Varied Coronets were new for the year. New for the garden was a rather dull micro: Bryatropha terrella. A Little Owl has been showing well at Oare Marshes.

 Hornet Moth

 Marbled White Spot

 Varied Coronet

 Little Owl

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The best moth of the week was my 1st Elephant Hawk-moth of the year, a week which has included  both male and female Stag Beetles in the moth trap, and this morning a Hornet was also in the trap.

Elephant Hawk-moth


Saturday, 9 June 2018

Visited Dungeness on Tuesday but again struggled to find anything new. A Bittern was seen in flight at the ARC pit and the Fox that resides near the power station was scavenging on the beach. Cool nights have kept moth numbers low-a Burnished Brass this morning was new for the year. The regular Bonaparte's Gull has returned to Oare for the 6th year running.


Bonaparte's Gull

 Burnished Brass

Monday, 4 June 2018

Struggled to find much at Dungeness last Thursday. The moth trap has been steady with the 1st Large Yellow Underwings of the year with a few other new ones such as: Peacock Moth and Swallow Prominent. Stag Beetles and Lesser Stag Beetles are around in the garden, and a Black-winged Stilt was at Oare today. The Heath Fritillaries are around at East Blean Woods, where I also saw 3 Broad-bodied Chasers
Broad-bodied Chaser
Black-winged Stilt

Lesser Stag Beetle

 Peacock Moth

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Since my last post moth numbers have continued to build with Cypress Carpet, Flame Carpet, Foxglove Pug and Privet Hawk-moth all new for the year. My 2nd Stag Beetle of the year turned up inside the moth tap this morning.

Stag Beetle

 Privet Hawk-moth

 Cypress Carpet

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Spent a day at Dungeness on Thursday. The best birds of the day were Black terns with 3 at the patch and 7 on the reserve, where there was a good selection of waders including a Curlew Sandpiper, a few Sanderling, Dunlin, Turnstone, and Ringed Plovers. Four Little Gulls were also present and Southern Marsh Orchids were noted on the RSPB reserve. The moth trap has been improving this week with my 2nd ever Orange Footman this morning and a number of new records for the year including: Light Brocade, Light Emerald, Vine's Rustic, Small Waved Umber, Small Square Spot and Pale Tussock.

Little Gull

 Black Terns

 Reed Warbler

Southern Marsh Orchids

Thursday, 10 May 2018

I recently returned from a Birding holiday in the Caucasus Mountains in Georgia. Since my return there have a been a few new moth records for the year: Buttoned Snout, The Lychnis and my 3rd ever Puss Moth, the first for 8 years. I shall be putting a few more pictures from the holiday on my Flickr site in due course.
 Puss Moth

 Demoiselle Crane (Georgia)

 Kruper's Nuthatch (Georgia)

 Wallcreeper (Georgia)