Friday, 31 August 2012

Not much to report on the moth front. Yesterday there were 36 moths of 13 species (20 Flounced Rustics) and this morning after the coldest night for some time (9c) there were 23 moths of just 4 species: 17 Flounced Rustics, 3 Square-spot Rustics 2 Lesser Yellow Underwings, and 1 Pale Mottled Willow. However, I had a good day at Dungeness today seeing my 1st Roseate Tern for 9 Years and my 1st Wryneck for 5. Also on the RSPB Reserve I had a brief view of the Lesser Emperor Dragonfly which was only the 2nd I've seen and the first for 12 years. We did try to find it again but it proved very elusive. Not so difficult were the Migrant Hawkers which made a good photoghraph. There was also a Common Emperor on the power station wall, but the backgound could have been better.


 Migrant Hawker (m)


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  1. Sounds like a great day out to me Pete, Wryneck and Lessor Emporer would be 2 lifers for me !