Monday, 27 August 2012

12c minimum last night and 65 moths of 27 species in the trap including a nice Light Emerald. Nothing new for the year. Went to the Lydden Kent Wildlife Trust reserve this morning-1st visit this year. The Adonis Blues & Silver-spotted Skippers were showing well, with 1 or 2 rather worn Chalkhill Blues. However, it became very breezy which made photography a bit tricky. There were cattle grazing in the 2nd main field with a Bull present, which I gave a wide berth to.

 Adonis Blue

 Silver-spotted Skipper


  1. Great shots peter I have never been there although a few of my Flickr friends say I should visit. The Adonis looks very smart, not sure I like the thought of that bull tho.

    1. Mike,
      Yes it can be quite hard work with some steep slopes to go up and down. There are often cattle grazing but I think this was the first time I've seen a bull with them. Fortunately the herd moved away from the next stile/gate as I detoured around the field edge. I did get some slide pictures of the Wart-biter here many years ago but have never managed to see one since.