Saturday, 22 April 2017

Still not many moths due to mainly cold nights with just Spruce Carpet and Currant Pug new for the year. At Dungeness yesterday it was mainly a case of hearing rather than seeing. A Nightingale was in good voice along the track to the Hanson Hide, and during the day 2 Cuckoos and a few Lesser Whitethroats were also heard but not seen. Similarly Bitterns were "booming" both on the ARC pit and Hookers. Whitethroats were more visible. There was little moving at the patch where there were 3 Med. Gulls on the beach. Around the trapping area several Small Coppers were noted but there was clearly not enough sunshine for the Grizzled Skippers to show. A long-horn Moth: Adela reaumurella was seen. Back on the reserve a Greenshank and 2 Grey Plovers could be seen with 3 Dunlin, but there was no sign of the Ring-necked Duck or Long-eared Owl. A Hairy Dragonfly was my first of the year on the ARC pit.
Small Copper

 Adela reaumurella


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