Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Just a few common moths recently but the Red-line Quaker this morning meant that in terms of the number of species I have now equalled my best year of 2011, with 283 (175 macros and 108 micros) so far. (In 2011 the breakdown was 187 macros and 96 micros). However, overall numbers will be much lower this year than the 6,049 moths recorded in 2011. So far the 2015 total is 4,404 which is 27% down on 2011. As we are now in the 2nd half of October this year's total will not change much now. This afternoon I managed to see a Dartford Warbler at Reculver-my first for 12 years. However, it was quite elusive by the time I saw it-so only a "record" shot.

 Red-line Quaker

 Dartford Warbler

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