Sunday, 24 May 2015

After a bit of research it appears that my Downy Emerald at Dunge was the 2nd record for the Dunge area following 1 photographed the previous day by DW in the Observatory trapping area. However, mine would seem to be the first for the RSPB Reserve. Yesterday morning, after the mildest night of the year (12c), the moth trapping suddenly improved with 22 moths of 18 species, of which 10 were new for the year.  In no particular order: Buttoned Snout, Clouded Border, Pale Tussock, Brindled Pug, Grey Pine Carpet, Mottled Pug, Currant Pug, Turnip, Light Brocade, Shuttle-shaped Dart, Flame Shoulder, Pale Mottled Willow, Treble Lines, Bee, Rusty-dot Pearl, Tinea trinotella, A. arenella, and Celypha lacunana. My 2nd Buttoned Snout of the year was a much better specimen than the first. This morning, after a low of 4.5c overnight, just 2 moths: Treble Lines and Common Swift.

Buttoned Snout

Rusty-dot Pearl

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