Thursday, 28 August 2014

A mild wet night produced 56 moths of 26 species this morning with a nice Frosted Orange new for the year. This is only my 4th record in the garden and the 1st for 4 years. Spent the day at Dunge today and after struggling to find much on visits over the last few weeks there was a lot to look for. Red-necked Phalarope was a "Dunge tick" for me and my 1st in the UK since 2005. The Melodious Warbler in the Dengemarsh Gully was my first in this country since 2003 and the Redstarts there were my first for 4 years. Two Whinchats at Galloways and a Little Stint on the ARC were year ticks. Unfortunately, despite 2 attempts, the Wryneck remained elusive. The Ruddy Duck on the ARC pit must be quite a rarity these days.
 Frosted Orange

Melodious Warbler

Common Redstart

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