Friday, 6 June 2014

One of my aims this summer was to see and if possible photograph a Norfolk Hawker in Kent. I missed the ones at Westbere last July when I was away on holiday.  However I read in Mark Heath’s blog today that one had been seen at the car park at East Blean Woods yesterday late afternoon. So about 3pm I headed off with no great expectations. Chris Tedder was there already but had not seen very much.  I had a quick look round, saw nothing, and returned to the car park where a couple of Hornets showed well but didn’t settle for a picture. A few minutes later a large Dragonfly arrived which turned out to be be the Norfolk Hawker. I was even more surprised when it settled right in front of me! A Hairy Dragonfly also showed up and obviously liked the same perch.

Norfolk Hawker

 Hairy Dragonfly


  1. Well done you, that is a quality shot indeed, I thought it was a male but looking at these shots it appears to be a female. Superb job.