Friday, 6 September 2013

In terms of numbers last night was one of the best of the year with 103 moths of 34 species. However, there was nothing new for the year. A second Centre-barred Sallow was of the "normal" type, unlike the previous aberrant example. Went to Dunge today where Little Stint, Black Tern, Arctic Skua and Whinchat were all year ticks for me. In addition I also photographed a Great Crested Newt crossing the path to the Hanson Hide, inside which we found a Grey Bush-cricket, a species we'd both been looking for over the last couple of years. There was also a rather anaemic loooking Long-winged Conehead on the Willow Trail.

Centre-barred Sallow

Grey Bush-cricket

 Great Crested Newt


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